We wanted to shoot a unique angle for the telling of this story, so we strapped a small handheld camera to the arm of a crane as its claw was used to pick up a car. We added a fisheye adapter to the front of the camera to get a wide-angle view of the destruction, but the guy who mounted the lens didn't secure it well enough to handle the incredible vibration produced by the crane. We were watching from a distance, and at one point I saw a little black object drop away from the camera. I said, "I think the lens just popped off." Sure enough, when the crane was lowered, we saw that the lens had shaken loose. We took a cursory look around the scrap pile just in case we might be lucky enough to spot the lens, but no luck. Not that it would probably ever be usable again—I'm sure it would be damaged on impact. But we got the shot before we lost the lens. So that was good, right?