This was nearly an all-outdoor shoot, which is fairly unusual. It was a scorching hot day in August, and there was real concern for the actors in the heat. I rented misting machines like the ones used at football games to keep the cast and crew cool during breaks. The kids had to keep their energy up during the six hours we were outside. We shot the kids first, fearing they wouldn't make it to the end. Due to a scheduling error, the principal talent was scheduled to arrive at the beginning of the day instead of at the end. Subsequently, he had to sit around all day in the heat until the end—and then he had to act exited about where he was. It was a real challenge, but he pulled if off.

There are some effects shots in this that I hope aren't noticeable. The logo on the water bottle the kid drinks from wasn't really there. Also, the concession stand was never behind the lady selling popcorn. It happens so seamlessly that I don't think the client even thinks twice about it … and the client was at the shoot. So I'm pretty happy with the results.