This was a spec commercial shot for Doritos and entered in the Crash the SuperBowl© contest. I thought we had a good shot at winning, but we didn't even make the final elimination. I met the writer/director, Matt Moore, on the set of Homeless for the Holidays. Before filming this commercial, Matt had spent most of his on-set time as an actor in movies, such as in Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck, and on TV during the first season of Lost. But family and faith—Matt's a minister—brought him back home to Indiana, where he's able to keep in touch with his love of the screen by finding little projects in the Midwest.

My principle grip on most of my projects, Megan Didyk, and I were the only crew members on this. We shot it during one 12-hour day. It's a lot of work to shoot something like this. Most people have no idea.